The History of the Black Baylor Helmet November 17, 2015 18:09

Everyone has their own favorite Baylor uniform. Given Baylor's recent success, the 2015 football team has the option to wear 6 different helmets, 4 different jerseys, and 5 different pants. The Baylor Bears could wear a different uniform combination in every game for the next 10 years! Since we are not yet in the shirt or pants game, Bailes Brothers has decided to pay homage to these Baylor helmets by creating 5 hats designed to emulate the style of these awesome helmets.

The helmets worn by the Baylor Bears have changed quite a bit over the years. In this post I will analyze Baylor's black helmets, the results of each game while wearing these helmets, and its variants.

The black Baylor helmet was first introduced on November 27, 2013 during Baylor's first blackout game against #12 Oklahoma. This helmet featured a black matte shell with metallic gold interlocking BUs outlined in dark green on the sides. The Baylor Bears won that game 41 to 12 against the Sooners. That was only the second time that Baylor had beaten Oklahoma since their first win in 2011.

The next time Baylor used the black helmets was on November 23, 2013 against the #11 Oklahoma State Cowboys in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Baylor would unfortunately lose that game, scoring 17 to the Cowboys 49.

Baylor started off the 2014 season wearing these black helmets against the SMU Mustangs on August 31, 2014. This was also the first game the Baylor Bears played in the newly built McLane Stadium. Baylor went on to shut out the Mustangs 45 to 0.

Oklahoma State vs. Baylor Black Helmet

Baylor wore these helmets again on November 22, 2014 against Oklahoma State in Waco. Baylor went on to win that game 49 to 28.

Baylor last wore the black helmets on November 14, 2015 against the #12 Oklahoma Sooners. It was a cold, wet game that ended in Baylor losing 34 to 44. This was Baylor's first loss of the 2015 season.

Baylor's record while wearing these black helmets is 3 wins and 2 losses. 

The Baylor Bears do have an alternate version of their black helmet, but it has never been used. This helmet features a black matte shell with dark interlocking BUs outlined in metallic gold on the sides. Only time will tell if Baylor will decide to use this design or not.

In honor of Baylor's black helmets, Bailes Brothers has introduced a hat resembling the most recent white BU helmet worn by the Baylor Bears since 2013. Check it out by clicking the link provided below. Check out the entire Helmet Collection by clicking this link --> The Baylor Helmet Collection.

The Black Baylor Interlocking BU Hat - looks just like Baylor's black football helmet